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1,500mg CBD Oil

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Third Party Testing

Carbon Neutral Company

Ultra Low THC

100% Vegan

Key Benefits

  • 1,500mg broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Supports recovery & wellbeing*
  • Manage everyday stresses*
  • Stay calm and keep focused when needed*
  • 0% THC* guaranteed
  • Vegan
  • Click here for third-party lab results

Product overview

Our 1500mg CBD Oil is a broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) combined with organic MCT carrier oil (derived from coconuts). It's extensively third lab tested to ensure the absence of THC and to guarantee the highest standards of quality. 

Because our 1500mg broad-spectrum CBD oil contains multiple phytocannabinoids (like CBG, CBD and CBN), terpenes, and flavonoids, the compounds work together to produce an "entourage effect." This means all active components work together more effectively with your body's endocannabinoid system to help you stay balanced and in good shape.

With extensive third-party lab testing and high quality ingredients, we guarantee CBD concentration for a quality everyday oil that meets your needs, morning and night.

*THC Free means trace amounts less than 0.01% or 100ppm.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Is 1500mg CBD Oil for me?

CBD oil is extracted from natural plant sources that have been used for thousands of years, and continues to be used by millions of people across the world today. Adults of all kinds have found themselves benefiting from regular CBD use, from your everyday individual to professional athletes. Learn more in our blog post about CBD and how long CBD Oil stays in your system.

How much 1500mg CBD Oil should I take?

This differs with each person, taking into account weight, height, and reasons for taking CBD. One drop of 1500mg CBD Oil contains approximately 2.08mg. In the USA, CBD is unregulated by the FDA so there is no standardised dosage. We recommend that users start by taking a small amount of 1500mg CBD daily and gradually increase their dosage until they find the amount that works for them.

Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or take prescribed medication, ask a medical professional before use.


What strength of 1500mg CBD Oil should I choose?

You are currently viewing 1500mg CBD Oil. The table below shows you exactly how our CBD oil strengths stack up, so you can choose the ideal product depending on your daily CBD usage – and getting you the most for your money.


Bottle Size

mg of CBD per bottle

mg of CBD per drop

500mg CBD oil

30 ml



1,000mg CBD oil

30 ml



1,500 CBD oil

30 ml



2,000 CBD oil

30 ml



4,000 CBD oil

30 ml



6,000 CBD oil

30 ml



12,000 CBD oil

30 ml



How do I take 1500mg CBD Oil?

Simply use the pipette to place the desired number of drops of 1500mg CBD Oil under your tongue, leaving the oil for one minute before swallowing. Please remember – a drop is not the entire pipette, but a single droplet of liquid.


What does 1500mg CBD Oil work well with?

CBD oil is one of the quickest ways to get CBD into your body, but if you’re looking for an alternative why not try our CBG Gummies
Regularly taking CBD and want to find the perfect strength? You can view all of our expertly extracted and rigorously tested CBD oils here.



Broad-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), Organic MCT oil.


1500mg CBD Oil nutritional information

Nutritional valuesAmount per drop%NRV 
Broad-spectrum cannabidiol6mgN/A


Why choose Naturecan's 1500mg CBD Oil?

Grown and extracted in the USA, our CBD meets the highest standards and is fully compliant under the 2018 Farm Bill, for complete peace of mind when it comes to quality and safety. Utilizing whole-plant extraction means maximizing the benefits of a natural array of cannabinoids, while also removing THC through a careful process of chemical remediation. And each and every product is third-party lab tested for certified quality, every time.

To see our third-party lab testing, click here.

This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those taking any prescription medications. 




What is 1500mg CBD Oil?

Still find yourself asking the question “what is CBD”? If you’re a complete newcomer, we’re here to help you learn the basics and understand just how this all-natural plant extract can improve your everyday wellbeing. Here’s a must-read article so you can start your CBD journey

How long does it take CBD Oil to work?

As CBD oil is taken sublingually (under the tongue) you can begin to feel the effects of CBD quite quickly – usually within just 15 minutes. However, each person is different, so this can take as long as 60 minutes.


How long does 1500mg CBD Oil last?

On average, the effects of CBD oil will last roughly 2-6 hours. However, this depends on a number of factors.

Your weight is crucial as CBD is fat-soluble, so the less fat you have, the quicker your body will process it. This is also true for those that are active and have a faster metabolism – meaning your body will metabolise the CBD oil quicker and therefore reduce the time CBD effects last for.

How much CBD oil you take is also a key factor. The more you take, the longer it will last in your system. However, for those new to CBD oil, we recommend starting with a small dose before gradually increasing your daily intake until you reach your desired effect.

Frequency is another important thing to consider. The more regularly you take CBD oil, the more it will start to build up in your body – lasting longer and delivering the longer-term benefits you’re looking for.

Is 1500mg CBD Oil the highest strength?

1500mg CBD Oil, is not the highest strength CBD available at Naturecan. It is, however, a great choice for individuals looking to reap the benefits while saving on price. Cannabidiol oil comes in all types of strengths, providing a great range of options to choose from depending on your individual requirements – from your reasons for taking and budget to frequency and familiarity with CBD. Explore our CBD oils below to discover the one that works best for you:

When is the best time to take 1500mg CBD Oil?

You can take cannabidiol oil at any time of day – it completely depends on what works for you.

It is non-intoxicating so can be taken in the morning without affecting your ability to function properly, while those looking for night-time support are best taking it just before going to sleep.

Does CBD Oil have any side effects?

Although CBD Oil is safe and there are no serious adverse effects, some people may experience diarrhoea or changes in their appetite. However, this is often due to poor-quality CBD or those new to CBD taking a high dose. Naturecan’s 1500mg CBD oil is third-party lab tested for quality and purity.  It’s important to note that CBD can interact with several medications so it’s important to discuss your needs with a doctor before starting to take CBD oil.

Will 1500mg CBD Oil show up on a drug test?

As Naturecan’s 1500mg CBD Oil guarantees non-detectable levels of THC (0.01%), it shouldn’t show up on a drug test. However, as it does contain trace levels of this compound, if enough THC is present in the body, it has the potential to present a positive test. It’s for this reason that many athletes avoid using CBD despite its perceived benefits.

What does 1500mg CBD oil taste like?

CBD oil has a slight earthy taste but it isn’t strong or overpowering. We use organic MCT carrier oil (coconut oil) within our 1500mg CBD oil which helps to offset any bitterness you get from the cannabidiol itself.

Do you have CBD oil in different flavours?

We’re currently working with a number of suppliers to create various flavours for you to enjoy. However, we won’t compromise on the quality, purity or potency of our CBD oils so these products are still under development. Sign-up to our mailing list to stay updated.

Do you use pure or raw oil?

Expertly extracted from the cannabis plant, before being purified and distilled, our broad-spectrum CBD is a quality raw plant ingredient. Only then do we combine it with pure organic MCT carrier oil to improve bioavailability – helping your body to absorb and reap the benefits of CBD.

Do you use Sativa or Indica?

We use sativa due to its naturally high levels of CBD and relatively low levels of THC. This helps us maximise the amount of CBD we can extract, while making it easier to filter out the unwanted THC to non-detectable levels (0.01%) across each of our CBD oil products.

1,500mg CBD Oil Reviews