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Naturecan Testing Process

We aspire to bring all the health benefits of CBD to our customers, to allow them to glow with wellbeing, emotionally and physically, for a healthier better life. Grown and extracted from the USA, our quality CBD is fully compliant under state law, going over and above in both quality and safety in one of the most stringently regulated markets in the world. Quality is key to our product and that is why we insure we carry out a seven point testing process for all Naturecan products

  • First test - An Inspector from the Agricultural Department in Oregon tests the Hemp plant for CBD content, low THC content and pesticides.
  • Second test - IAH Oregon tests the Hemp biomass or crude oil intake before purchasing, using an independent 3rd party testing lab, for potency and pesticides.
  • Third test - IAH tests the chosen crude after removal of THC, to confirm removal, again using an independent lab.
  • Fourth test - IAH tests the finished distillate oil for THC levels, to re confirm full removal of THC, again using an independent lab.
  • Fifth test - Naturecan independently tests the distillate oil from IAH for pesticides, microbiological, heavy metals, and potency of cannabinoids, including THC levels.
  • Sixth test - In the USA, Naturecan independently tests the finished products for microbiological, heavy metals, and potency of cannabinoids, including THC levels.
  • Seventh test - In the UK, Naturecan independently tests each batch of finished goods produced from the oil, for label efficacy, and potency of CBD and other cannabinoids, including THC levels.

Naturecan are committed to ensuring full transparency of their products and testing schedule. This video explains the various stages of testing the Hemp, oil, and finished products encounter. You can be rest assured your CBD products are what the label says they are. Quality assured from seed to door.

Lab Testing

Every single new batch of product undergoes testing to ensure safety as well as to ensure that the level of THC (or Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive cannabinoid that makes you high) are below the legal limit for CBD products.

The Certificate of Analysis (or COA) is the document that records those test results.

To find the Certificate of Analysis for your product, refer to the Lot Number on your product and reference below.



Naturecan 5% CBD Oil 10ml - Lot 2011018 

Naturecan 5% CBD Oil 30ml - Lot 2008013

Naturecan 10% CBD Oil 10ml - Lot 2011028 

Naturecan 10% CBD Oil 30ml - Lot 2008017

Naturecan 15% CBD Oil 10ml - Lot 2011042 

Naturecan 15% CBD Oil 30ml - Lot 2011038 

Naturecan 20% CBD Oil 10ml - Lot 2011024

Naturecan 20% CBD Oil 30ml - Lot 2008021

Naturecan 40% CBD Oil 10ml - Lot 2008033

Naturecan 40% CBD Oil 30ml - Lot 2008025


10% CBG Oil 10ml - Lot 2010064

20% CBG Oil 10ml - Lot 2011010


CBD & CBG Oil Blend - 500mg of each - Lot 2010085

CBD & CBG Oil Blend - 1,000mg of each - Lot 2011006


10% CBD Oil 10ml (1,000mg CBD) with Melatonin - Lot 2010081 (Forthcoming!)

10% CBD Oil 30ml (3,000mg CBD)  with Melatonin - Lot 2011034 (Forthcoming!)

20% CBD Oil 10ml (2,000mg CBD)  with Melatonin - Lot 2011014 (Forthcoming!)

20% CBD Oil 30ml (6,000mg CBD)  with Melatonin - Lot 2011030 (Forthcoming!)


CBD Fruit Gummies, All Sizes - Lot 080521


10mg CBD Vegan Gummies, All Sizes - Lot KI7490

25mg CBD Vegan Gummies, All Sizes - Lot KI7491


Naturecan CBD Dog Chews 30ct - Lot 2625718

2.5% CBD Oil for Cats 10ml (250mg) - Lot 2107035

2.5% CBD Oil for Cats 30ml (750mg) - Lot 2107037

3% CBD Oil for Small Dogs 10ml (300mg) - Lot 2108002

3% CBD Oil for Small Dogs 30ml (900g) - Lot 2108004

5% CBD Oil for Medium Dogs 10ml (500mg) - Lot 2107039

5% CBD Oil for Medium Dogs 30ml (1500mg) - Lot 2107041

10% CBD Oil for Large Dogs 10ml (1000mg) - Lot 2107043

10% CBD Oil for Large Dogs 30ml (3000mg) - Lot 2107045

30% CBD Oil for Horses up to 15HH 30ml (9000mg) - Lot 2107047

40% CBD Oil for Horses over 15HH 10ml (4000mg) - Lot 2107049

40% CBD Oil for Horses over 15HH 30ml (12000mg) - Lot 2107051